My Dream to Bring Great BBQ to SoCal

I chase smiles through food. Always have and always will.

When I started SoCal Smokin BBQ my intentions were simple; bring great BBQ to SoCal (we don’t have enough of it) and put smiles on people’s faces.

Being Your Own Boss

At first it seemed impossible, to create my own company and be my own boss. It seemed daunting to handle everything without any security besides my own judgment and my family’s help. Thankfully the love and respect for food, specifically the craft of BBQ is what pushed me through all the doubts and uncertainties. I created SoCal Smokin BBQ and never looked back.

There is Always Gonna Be Work

Some people say: “If your doing what you love, you don’t work a day in your life.” I agree and disagree with that statement. It’s always gonna be work, don’t kid yourself. Although, if you do what you love it will bring a type of satisfaction to your life that is unexplainable. Work will seem more like a purposeful part of your life. The valleys can get low but it makes getting to the peaks that much more ‘bitchin!’

“When you do what you love it will bring you a type of satisfaction to your life that is unexplainable!” ~ Gavin Andrews

Tasty BBQ @ Local San Clemente Breweries

You can get a taste of our deliscious BBQ Wednesday @ Artifex Brewery, Thursdays @ Lost Winds Brewery and Saturdays @ Left Coast Brewery! View all our upcoming events via Facebook.

Smoked Ribs

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